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Who Needs a Home Inspection?

Buyers and Sellers

Each inspection follows a detailed inspection report that in a typical home covers more than 400 items, including grounds, roof, exterior, plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling systems, and foundation. An inspection averages between two and three hours to complete. Detailed, easy to understand reports, sometimes including photos, are either e-mailed or mailed to the customer, usually within 24 hours.

Customers, especially first-time home buyers, are encouraged to accompany the inspector, to ask questions and have findings explained immediately.

For Sellers

  •  An inspected home reduces the need for 11th hour negotiations.
  •  Repairs made ahead of time might make a home show better.
  •  Deals are less likely to fall apart when problems are discovered at the last minute
  •  New owners have peace of mind, knowing what condition their home is in

Dependable Home Inspections, LLC, located in Pottsville, PA, is independently owned and operated. It is certified and insured to meet standards set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Owner and Inspector Dean Conrad will inspect residential properties, apartments, and condos, with a variety of other services, for buyers and sellers, in Schuylkill and surrounding counties, and Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

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"When I'm representing the sellers, I'm always happy to learn that Dean will be doing the buyer's inspection, because I know that Dean will do a thorough but fair job in evaluating the home." Carl Raring - Realtor


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